Dr. Robbie Melton

Thursday Featured Speaker: Dr. Robbie K. Melton

Dr. Melton is the former Associate Vice Chancellor of Emerging Technology for the Tennessee Board of Regents. In that role she served as chief system administrator with oversight of the system’s strategic planning for online programs (Regents Online Degree Programs). She is currently a tenured professor at Tennessee State University, addressing the Internet of Things (IOT), smart connected tech nologies, as a researcher, technology evaluator, and faculty trainer for teaching and workforce training, as well as P.I. for two national technology grants: Mixed Reality and OER (Open Education Resources). Dr. Melton has published and presented around the nation on the impact and value of education technology and has acquired a new distinction as an "App-ologist" due to her study of the pedagogy and best teaching practices with mobilization; quality standards for the utilization of mobile apps; and for her creation of the Mobile App Education and Workforce Resource Center (50,000 + apps that have been aligned with over 95 subject areas from Pre-K to Ph.D., including workforce careers, professional development, and lifelong learning, according to one's mobile device of choice). Dr. Melton is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, both national and international. Dr. Melton will be the Featured Speaker on Thursday.